Mobile Manufacturing Team

The Mobile Manufacturing Team is available to travel to onsite location to provide service to your business.

Some services include:

  • Consult and design the appropriate guarding necessary. 

  • Installing machine guarding on your machinery.

  • Periodic inspection and maintenance.

  • Custom on-sight machine guarding.

With our mobile manufacturing team, we are able to install guarding for:

  • Robotic cells

  • Punch presses

  • Arch presses

  • Drill presses

  • Conveyer belt

  • Automation equipment

  • installed light curtains

  • Lathes, milling machines

Because we are distributors to these companies:

  • 80/20 Inc. (Primary for machine guarding materials)

  • Illinois Engineer Products (scissor-style gates)

  • Rockford Systems LLC (Primary for machine shop guarding materials)

We can respond quickly and keep costs down.

We use:

  • Wire mesh, polycarbonate, and other panels.
  • Install doors, gates, sliding windows.